Amazonico Sounds


For the first time ever, our Latin bands will be on stage during Friday, Saturday & Sunday lunchtimes. Join us from 12:30pm and be transported to the tropics with our signature vibrant and energetic music whilst you dine. What better way to start the weekend?

We are passionate about music and consider it to be the beating heart of our experience. From our house bands who serenade the restaurant with jazz, bossa nova and swing to our resident DJs spinning high energy, elec-tropical beats – allow yourself to be taken on a journey to Latin America with our unique soundtrack.

Amazónico Podcast

Amazónico Podcast
Episode 12

Episode 12 by Mr Goodalf (Dubai Resident)


Radio Populare, 
every Sunday
Panama Exchange trio pay homage to gypsy-jazz and Brazilian beats with a classic Latin edge.

Smokey Jazz Club,
every Monday
Slip into the Prohibition spirit where Samba and clandestine jazz fuse together seduce your ears courtesy of The Palm Swing Jazz Club.

Noches de Bossa,
every Tuesday and Wednesday
Join us on a journey to summer in Rio de Janeiro and immerse yourself in the retro sounds of Ipanema beach with the very best in jazz, Samba and the Bossa Nova.

Ritmo Del Caribe,
every Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Celebrate the harmonic cadences and exotic rhythms of the Caribbean with a unique and exciting Latin twist.

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